Michael Bimmler wrote:

Thanks to everyone for providing explanations... I must admit of being
quite surprised about some of the content of the English translations; I
am not a specialist of English vocabulary about legal matters, but some
sentences indeed look strange.

> PS: I hope we have not any more strange things in the bylaws, we may
> have to make a final proofreading session at the founding assembly,

Please, please, pretty please, don't do that. The last time I was
involved in the founding assembly for an Association (also involved with
the free software/free content world), we did that, even though the
proposed bylaws had been thoroughly discussed by email beforehand. We
spent _hours_ going over every single word of each article, because
people suddenly got interested in little details they had not noticed
before, it was a _nightmare_. And this was purely a French-speaking
association, not a national-level association with translations in 5
languages of the bylaws... we should really make sure everything is
correct _before_ we start organising the founding Assembly (and if we
modify the bylaws, we have to ask the Wikimedia Foundation for approval

But we shall do more rounds of proofreading before the assembly, for sure.

> because when we have once voted the bylaws, we cannot just fix these
> things quickly but have to call together the members assembly each
> time...

What happenend for the association mentioned above was that during the
first 3 years, at each regular annual general meeting, we made some
changes to the bylaws, to adapt them to the practical experiences we
made during the year; now, they are quite stabe and well-adapted to the
"real life". This is to be expected, and should not be a problem.

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