I have sysopped Manuel and Frédéric at the ch.wikimedia.org-wiki (see
basically for enabling them to edit protected pages (namely the Main
Page amongst others...).
I did that on my own as it is not a kind of "honour" or enlarged power
(well, it is technically, but there is no use for it at the small
wiki), but only a matter of facilitating work (and having a
French-speaking sysop as well).
User who have these few buttons more at the moment (quoting
   1. 80686 (sysop)
   2. Ilario (sysop)
   3. Mbimmler (Bureaucrat, sysop)
   4. Napa (sysop)
   5. Notafish (Bureaucrat, sysop)
   6. Schutz (sysop)
If anybody wants to be sysop too (and has a kind of understandable
reason), feel free to send me a mail.
If anybody opposes for some reason the sysophood of any of the above
listed people, feel free to send a mail here, so we can discuss it...

Michael Bimmler
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