Hi Frederic and all others,

> I'm sorry to mention that I will be unable to attend the foundation
> assembly if it happens in the near future. As indicated by private email
> to Michael and Napa, I will be extremely busy until Wikipedia day (which
> means also that I won't be able to participate in any way to this event).

> I will thus not indicate any preference for the date (all my week-ends
> are fully booked...), nor the location, obviously. However, I will
> mention that the proposal I have seen for next week-end seems a bit too
> soon to me: I don't think the French bylaws have been proofread (or even
> read); there has been some modifications to the English bylaws following
> their examination by the Wikimedia Foundation, and some modifications to
> the German version following my comments about par. 10.3 (I think).
Well, there are two reasons why I'm hurrying with the date:
- first of all I already stated the dates over a week ago when the approval 
became known to us
- we have much things to talk about concerning Wikipedia Day, press and 
Website (all affecting the others). Because of Wikipedia Day this should be 
done soon.
- There may be the idea of doing the founding assembly at Wikipedia Day, which 
is no good idea for me: As stated above the founding assembly should also be 
an assembly where we can do and decide many things. Wikipedia Day itself 
should also be a marketing event for us. So we can't do both in parallel. We 
should first put all effort in our founding and future planning and then 
later put all effort in our visitors and the press at Wikipedia Day.

Last but nor least the dates were proposals only. Feel free to add your 
favourite one.

And: There's no problem, when you can't attend the founding assembly. If you 
declare your support and membership we will be able to vote for you and 
you'll become member of Wikimedia CH right away.

> As Michael mentioned in an email a few days ago, we probably need one
> round of final proofreading before the assembly, to make sure that all
> the versions are coherent and that all these changes have been made in
> all versions.
I already put this on the TODO list...

As we have one of each native speakers here it would be just a little job to 
adopt this changes in any language. I agree with you, that this has to be 
done before the founding assembly. We could have done this already...


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