uuh - i'd need training for typo3 - which is one of the most feature
rich cms (content management systems) i know, hehe ...

i would strongly suggest to take wordpress. it looks good and does
exactly what we want it to do: news for the first page.

for coordination/group edit, i would suggest to stay with wiki and
choose one which has user-rights on page level and allows to make
groups, like moinmoin.

otherwise we should not be "wikimedia ch" but "cmsmedia ch" :)

you already know? wikipedia tried to let prof. bertrand meyer die. but
people don't die that easy, in contrary: he is coming to our wikipedia
day ... go and see what he says about that the 2006-06-17, eth z├╝rich,
details on http://wikimedia.ch.

On 5/2/06, Ilario Valdelli <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi,
> I reply you after some days, but I think it could be useful.
> I know Wordpress and I'm approaching to Typo3. The problem is that
> Wordpress is a blog factory whereas typo3 is a standard CMS.
> This difference is considerable because a blogger has no workflow (or
> smaller workflow) and a simple management of users. It's also
> difficult to create domains with owners.
> If you should manage different domains, different owners, different
> users with complex rights or workflows (i.e. editing, approving,
> publishing with editor, approver, etc.) more complex than a wiki or a
> blog, Typo3 is a good choice.
> In any case if you need some help to modiy PHP pages or to manage or
> modify MySQL tables, I'm available.
> Ilario
> On 5/1/06, Manuel Schneider [Everything Open]
> <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Hi together,
> >
> > I just installed two wikis:
> > - board.wikimedia.ch
> > - members.wikimedia.ch
> >
> > ch.wikimedia.org should later be redirected to www.wikimedia.ch.
> >
> > For www.wikimedia.ch we should decide what kind of page we'd like to install
> > there. Wikimedia Deutschland uses Wordpress in a MediaWiki-look. I would
> > prefer Typo3 to present current news and dates. Typo3 has (as Wordpress) the
> > ability to work with different users as redacteurs and groups. It's quite
> > complicated to administrate as it can nearly do anything (if you know how to
> > realise) but it's also very nice and easy to use for redacteurs.
> >
> > www.wikipedia.ch will show the common portal we already use which redirects 
> > to
> > the specific languages of wikipedia.org.
> >
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