robin and me opened a postfinance bank account on tuesday evening.
robin gets the account number asap via phone.

we needed:
 * bylaws (for proving the organisation and right of signature)
 * founding protocol (for proving the board members)
 * show up personally and deliver identity card and signature

"show up personally" means:
you do not have to go there together. if we are distributed, one of
the zh people could e.g. sign a paper at postfinance z├╝rich, post
sends it to tessin, and illario would sign it there.

currently robin and i had to sign 2 signature reference sheets, BOTH
of us BOTH. this means if robin want to sign with illario too, they
need BOTH do 2 sheets again .... uff. i'm not sure if this is ment
like this ... or we used the wrong wording to ask :)

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