2006/7/6, pikola Thierry <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:
I am Javier, the Spanish wikipedian living in Zurich.
After being in Spain for two months, I came back to ZH
and, surprised, I couldn´t go to any Wikimedia
project. I tried it with Firefox and with Internet
Explorer, and it didn´t work with any of them.

Afterwards I tried it with wikis which don´t belong to
Wikimedia, such as the one of the laptops for 100$
project. This wiki did not work neither. Therefore it
is not a problem with Wikimedia servers.

My conexion is with Cablecom. But I heard that it also
happened to another "Zürcher" using ADSL. Besides, I
asked the administrator of the net where my computer
is connected, and he told me that he didn´t make any
new configuration to the firewall, and that he can
neither connect to Wikipedia since two months ago,

After all this, I don´t know what to do to get in
Wikipedia. Does somebody suffer something similar? Can
someone give me a clue to get out of this problem?

Thanks and regards,
Benutzer:Javier Carro

You may try replacing the default nameserver with the nameservers given by Cablecom (Windows: Network connections --> Properties --> TCP/IP --> Properties).

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