> OK, I hope they're going to be successful. Buona fortuna, Torino!
mee too, but let me ask some questions:

> >Wikimedia CH is so young to have an own candidature, but this could be
> >an opportunity to have Wikimania close to Swiss and to improve the
> >capability of Wikimedia CH for a following possible candidature.

So what we should gonna do?

Task Wikimedia CH could do:
- look for speakers
- look for sponsors
- provide staff
- provide press coverage

To start off and help Wikimedia IT with the application we should perhaps meet 
with the people from Torino and talk to them and help them gathering 
information and putting up a good application.

Ilario, would you please take the responsibility to be the contact person 
between Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia IT?
We perhaps should also put up a mailinglist for the "wikimania2007-task-force" 
and maybe get access to a wiki of Wikimedia IT to be able to work directly on 
the project with them.

Greets from Nuernberg, I just visited the local Wikipedians Meeting which all 
went to Munich to visit the Wikipedians Meeting at Munich which took place at 
the same time.

Manuel Schneider

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