For Wikimania 2007 at start you could sign your name in related page.

If Turin is choosed we could organize a task force.

I am organizing a meeting of Wikipedians in Lugano in november where
we could decide how Wikimedia CH could help Wikimania 2007 in Turin.

I will send you the program in detail.

I am looking to have flights with big discount from Zurich, Bern and Geneve.


On 9/10/06, Manuel Schneider <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > OK, I hope they're going to be successful. Buona fortuna, Torino!
> mee too, but let me ask some questions:
> > >Wikimedia CH is so young to have an own candidature, but this could be
> > >an opportunity to have Wikimania close to Swiss and to improve the
> > >capability of Wikimedia CH for a following possible candidature.
> right.
> So what we should gonna do?
> Task Wikimedia CH could do:
> - look for speakers
> - look for sponsors
> - provide staff
> - provide press coverage
> To start off and help Wikimedia IT with the application we should perhaps meet
> with the people from Torino and talk to them and help them gathering
> information and putting up a good application.
> Ilario, would you please take the responsibility to be the contact person
> between Wikimedia CH and Wikimedia IT?
> We perhaps should also put up a mailinglist for the "wikimania2007-task-force"
> and maybe get access to a wiki of Wikimedia IT to be able to work directly on
> the project with them.
> Greets from Nuernberg, I just visited the local Wikipedians Meeting which all
> went to Munich to visit the Wikipedians Meeting at Munich which took place at
> the same time.
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