Dear Wiki(p|m)edians,

My name is John Andersson and I have been a volunteer on different Wikimedia 
projects for around six years now and an elected administrator on the Swedish 
language version for about five. Earlier this year I got hired by Wikimedia 
Sverige and I am now working at WMSE's office full time. A large part of my 
work is devoted to the 
coordination of the new international photo contest Wiki Loves Public Art
 that will take place in May 2013. The photo contest will focus on taking 
pictures of 
artworks in the public space (exactly what will be included will  differ
 between the countries, just like what constitute monuments in Wiki 
Loves Monuments differs between the countries). There will be a small set of 
common rules for the entire contest, but just like with the Wiki Loves 
Monuments contest there will be national rules as well; and the idea is that we 
will have both national juries and an international jury. 

This is just a brief background, but I am writing this to you with two things 
in mind:
To ask you to consider becoming a National Coordinator and take a leading role 
in organizing the contest 
in your country. I believe that much of this work can, and should, be done in 
cooperation with the great volunteers that has previous experience from Wiki 
Loves Monuments and to make our job as easy as possible we should also take 
advantage of all of the great tools previously developed for Wiki Loves 
Monuments. I.e. we do not have to start completely from scratch! If you think 
that you got what it takes to make the contest happen, then please sign up on 
this list; andAs
 a lot of the Chapters now are planning for next year's activities and 
budget I kindly ask you to work for your Chapter to include Wiki 
Loves Public Art in next years budget and work plan, as this would help 
realising the contest also in your country.

Please consider both of them.



- - - -

John Andersson

Wikimedia Sweden

Event Manager Europeana Awareness 

Phone: +46(0)73-3965189


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