Hi everybody,

Today I created a page on Outreach called List of successful grant 
applications. I hope that you will add your Chapter's success stories there! 

 on what grant applications we know have worked in other countries we 
can copy the successful ones when we apply for external funding. This 
will help speed things up and hence, increase our efficiency and
 our external funding. This would be especially valuable for smaller 
Chapters. If you have suggestions on how to improve the page I encourage 
you to be bold! 

The list is of course open for all of the 
Chapters but it would be especially thrilling if the Nordic countries 
would enhance the exchange of successful examples there, in one single 
place and in a structured format. We share many similarities and I 
think we could gain tremendously from this. I very much hope that this 
will help us come up with projects where we can work together in the 

So please add your examples there and let the successful examples of other 
Chapters inspire you!

All the best,


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