Dear Wikimedia Ireland subscribers,

It’s been a little quiet on this mailing list, but not for much
longer! The *Wikimedia
Ireland Community* is getting active and we’re re-igniting this list with a
rather long email (I promise they won’t always be this length).

Since the Battle of Clontarf Wikipedia Edit-a-thon took place in April, a
few of the participants have progressed with the idea of running more
activities to further the aims of the Wikimedia movement here in Ireland.
While we are some time away from setting up an official chapter, we would
like to proceed as a User
Group<> which
will enable us to run activities as a formal group.  We are proposing that
the group is called the Wikimedia Ireland Community and have set up a wiki
page with more details:

The three projects we want to run with this year are:

   - getting Ireland involved for the first time in WikiLovesMonuments, the
   world’s largest photo competition
   - facilitating more edit-a-thons
   - focussing on editor engagement (both experienced and new editors)

* HOW TO PARTICIPATE: There are several ways you can get involved in the
Wikimedia Ireland Community... JOIN THE WORKING GROUP:  *At the moment, six
of us meet weekly in Dublin (actually, one of them is a Corkonian dialling
in!) to progress the projects listed above. Anyone is welcome to join, just
pick one of the areas above that interest you and come along or dial in.
Or, if you have another wiki-related idea you’d like to run with, that’s
cool too.

*BECOME A PROJECT VOLUNTEER:* If you can’t meet weekly, but are still keen
on getting involved, volunteers are wanted across all projects.
There is an open call for Wiki Loves Monuments volunteers at
For edit-a-thons and editor engagement, please
email<>your details.

*TRANSLATE: *We are keen to find experienced editors as Gaeilge to help us
produce bilingual content. Can you help or do you know someone who could?

*TRAIN OTHERS: *Are you an experienced editor who would like to train
others? A Train the Trainer opportunity is coming up in August in London.
Please email <> for more details. If you can’t
make that date, but are still interested, email us anyway!

the official annual event for the Wikimedia Movement takes place in London
8-10 August.  There’ll be more to follow in a future mailing about
Wikimedia Ireland Community involvement.

*KEEP UP TO DATE:* If you’ve just a passing interest in all things Wiki, or
want to stay informed, follow the group on Twitter
 , and keep an eye out for more news and events as they are posted to this
mailing list.

*... or just simply keep on editing! :)*

Sabina. (User:Sabbon)
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