Meeting Minutes-15 July 2014


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Sabina Bonnici (SB)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Oliver Moran (OM)



   RO has confirmed the Ada Lovelace Day edit-a-thon hosted at TOG on 11
   October 2014. She will contact Wikimedia UK for possible support. The venue
   requests a €5 donation for the use of the space.

User Group


   Sharon confirmed via email that one of her contacts at NUI Galway will
   translate the User Group page over the next few weeks and should be able to
   source translators for Wiki Loves Monument materials. She is also exploring
   working with the  translation/interpretation masters program and Irish
   language students to increase coverage on Wikimedia in Irish.

   EE sent info to Wikimedia UK to point the domain address to our
   Community Group page on Wikipedia.
   - is registered to a company in US-the information has been
   forwarded to Wikimedia foundation

Wiki Loves Monuments


   EE has discovered that the Upload Wizard can be customized with an
   upload campaign. He will write the script and forward it to Alison sonce
   admin access is required to create a campaign. EE will also create custom
   links for each monument which will be put into the upload wizard. A list of
   monuments along with these custom links will be placed on the website. SE
   will look into GPS compatibility on Maps Marker so the links can also be
   put on maps on the website.

   SB will contact the International list about updating 2014 campaign

   Launch Event-SE visited St Audeons to determine if the site is suitable.
   We are moving forward with the site. SE will file the Risk Assesment and
   Method Statement with OPW. She will also look into the best way to contact
   the OPW minister to invite him to the launch.

   Awards Event-SE reported that the possibility of booking a venue able to
   display the images for a week is very low. SE will get in touch with the
   Photographic Archive about having a pop-up event/ceremony on Nov 8th or
   15th. If that is not possible she will contact the Pearse Library to book
   their conference room for Nov 6th or 13th. SE will also contact the Little
   Museum of Ireland about having a pop-up exhibition of the photos before the



   OM will look into organising a photowalk in Cork

   EE suggested looking at for photo groups



   Our newest member of the working group, Roy Murray, will be working with
   SB on creating a marketing strategy. They will create material (ie blog
   posts, tweets, ect) to push out on Facebook, Twitter, and the website. SB
   will add Google Analytics to the site.

The next meeting is scheduled for Tuesday 22 July @ 7pm in Dublin. If you
are in Dublin would like to attend the meeting or would like Skype in send
an email to

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