Meeting Minutes-30 July 2014


Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Roy Murray (RM)

Sharon Flynn (SF)


-RO will compose a blog post about the event for the website


-We missed the deadline for the Collins Barracks talk. RO is going to see
if we can still have a presence there

-The Ada Lovelace edit-a-thon is still searching for a venue

-RM will reach out to librarians about organising edit-a-thons

-SF will reach out in NUI Galway about edit-a-thons

User Group

-Planned meetup with user group facilitator at Wikimania did not happen

Wiki Loves Monuments

-E-vites were sent out to launch event. Launch was also registered on
Heritage Week

-Insurance has been secured. All events for the next year are covered

-37 new monuments for Cork City have been added to the maps on the website

-SE did a few test runs uploading images and all seemed to be working fine.
Categories for the contest are now activated

-The Awards Ceremony date and venue have been confirmed. The ceremony will
be held at Pearse Library on Friday 7 November from 2-5

-RO is moving forward with the Marketing plan, interacting with influencers
on social media

-EE came up with a plan for the judging process. Each judge will select
their top 7 pictures  to move forward to the semi finals. They will then
pick their top 10 out of the semi finalists. That should allow enough
overlap to pronounce a winner. If there is a tie the organising committee
will choose a winner

-SF will try to get volunteers to translate some of the contest pages into

-SE has ordered stickers to hand out at the launch. In lieu of flyers it
was decided to print out business cards instead

-EE will contact framers to cost the printing and framing of the winning
photgraphs to sell as a fund raiser

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 21 August @ 6pm. If you would
like to attend the meeting via Skype send an email to
WikimediaIE mailing list

Reply via email to