Meeting Minutes-10 September 2014


Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

User Group

EE has been contacted about Domain name. SE will scan corporation paperwork.

Twitter Followers: 256

Facebook Likes: 135

Wiki Loves Monuments

SE is still looking into the discrepancy between the two category lists

RO has been adding images to the monument pages as they come in

SF has been actively promoting the contest at NUIG

Blog post on launch has been posted on site. It contains the images from
the launch.


RO still reaching out for venues

SF has a request from the staff associated with a MA in translation about
having a training and information session at NUIG. EE and SE volunteered to
run the training. SF will put them in touch with her colleagues at NUIG.

The next meeting is scheduled for Thursday 18 September @ 6pm. If you would
like to attend the meeting via Skype send an email to
WikimediaIE mailing list

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