Meeting Minutes-16 November 2015


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Joseph Quinn (JQ)

Emma Clarke (EC)

Gabriel Beecham (GB)

User Group


   Bylaws were sent out to the mailing list. They will be open for
   consultation for 3 weeks. SE will send weekly reminders.



   PRONI-4 February 2015-still in the planning phases, but JQ has confirmed
   the date.



   No news



   The awards event was very successful. We had 6 of the ten winners
   attend. Several winners asked for certificates, which we will look into for
   next year.

   Only 1 winner has yet to get get in touch with the group.

   We had good media coverage, thanks to our PR guy Cian.

   EE has identified some issues with the WLM website. Neeku was put in
   charge of the site maintenance. She also updated the winners page. (Thanks

Other Events


   Science Gallery-TRAUMA-20 January 6:30. EE is in the process of lining
   up speakers.

   December break-the next meeting will be the last for the year. We will
   have a Christmas Lunch/Planning Meeting during the the first 2 weeks of



   Alex Stinton from Wikipedia Library joined the meeting to give a short
   talk on how we, as a group, can help it grow. Here are the main points
   (Thanks Eugene):

   The Wikipedia Library

      This is an effort to give access to reliable sources, like journals,
      etc. Akin to the access you had as a University student. It is
also a focal
      point to encourage other institutions to become part of the Wikimedia
      ecosystem by sharing (controlling) access to their repositories. It is a
      way to encourage librarians and archivists to become involved as it is a
      way to collaborate on finding and incorporating new archives.

      Resource exchange-currently only on English Wikipedia-Wikipedians
      help each other by providing source material that may be behind

   Visiting Scholars (unpaid and remote)

      A program with a centuries old tradition, used as a gateway to
      greater partnerships between universities and the Foundation/Chapter.


   Wikipedia Loves Libraries

      There is an existing event structure to host wiki-workshops and
      editathons libraries.

      Library events-Getting librarians of a region to talk to each other
      and collaborate locally works:

      Reference Desk-librarians answering questions about sources
      live-already piloted in Israel.

   Branch System-create a community in Ireland that can exchange sources
   and create pools of information

   Alex stresses that librarians by-nature horde references to archives; it
   is what they do. We can encourage these individuals to start doing the same
   thing collaboratively. This provides a great source of both volunteers and
   trainers in all things Wikimedia.

   Some of the places we think would be receptive:

      Dublin City Archive, Pearse Library-JQ will reach out to his contact

      NUI Galway Library-we already have held several events there

The last meeting of 2015 will take place on 24 November at 6:30pm in
Dublin. If you would like to attend, either in person or via Google
Hangouts, please send an email to

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Chair
Wikimedia Community Ireland

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