Meeting Minutes-5 January 2016


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Joseph Quinn (JQ)

User Group


   Chapter Paperwork

      EE will finish bylaws to vote on at the next meeting.

      JQ will look at developing a Mission Statement


      RO is waiting to hear back about putting a banner on Wikipedia. We
      hope to have the survey out for the month of February

   Active Editors

      There are 280-290 active editors (5 edits a month) and 20-30 very
      active editors (over 100 edits a month) on the English language
Wikipedia. Some
      ideas were suggested on how to reach the active editors in
Ireland. It was
      decided that we will wait until after the survey results are back.


      It was decided that the group will scale back the meetings to every
      other week. To encourage more participants we will begin using Doodle to
      schedule the meetings. Several options for meeting days and times will be
      put on the Doodle and everyone will have 3 days to vote on what day/time
      suits them best. The day/time with the most votes wins. SE will send out
      the Doodle in the early part of the ‘off’ week.



   PRONI-4 February 2:30-5:30

      SE, RO, and JQ will attend

      SE will create the event page on Wikipedia

      JQ will create a flyer

      JQ and SE will research Wikipedia pages to be worked on



   No news



   No news

Other Events


   Science Gallery-Open Data Health Event-20 January 6:30pm

      Event page already created

      There are 3 speakers scheduled, including the CIO of the HSE

      EE will send information to SE and RO for PR

The next meeting Doodle will go out on Monday, 11 January. If you would
like to vote on the Doodle please send an email to

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Chair
Wikimedia Community Ireland

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