Meeting Minutes-9 August 2016


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Kelly Fitzgerald (KF)

We welcomed a new member to the group, Kelly Fitzgerald.

User Group


   The WLM 2016 grants was approved. MOre on that below in WLM section.

   SE has not started work on the APG grant due to working on WLM. She
   should start work on it after WLM is launched.



   UCD student workshop-Mid October-this is still in the planning stages.

   DCU-History of Science and Technology in Ireland Conference-11 Nov. A
   workshop will be held during lunch at this event (12-3).

   RO was contacted by Coding Grace about doing some work with Herstory, a
   workshop/edit-a-thon. RO is meeting with them in September.

   NUIG-SF is still waiting to hear back from the drama department. The
   Library is interested in holding future events.



   See DCU notice above.



   Grant-approved amount is €2464 which includes funds for PR, which SE
   will initiate in the next week.

   Launch will take place at Archaeofest on Saturday 27 August from 11-4.

   Website-All of the data from the previous website was lost, so it needed
   to be rebuilt from scratch. EE updated the wordpress and will make the site
   presentable. SE has put the map points on the site again and will work on
   getting the rules, awards, ect added to it.

   Judges-new judges need to be recruited for the photo contest and writing


      NUIG writing event-SG confirmed it can take place at the end of
      September. SE will look at possible dates.

      Dublin writing event-mid October-EE will look to book the Science

      Awards event-late November-RO suggested AGainst the Grain as an
      option as the Stag’s Head now charges for the use of their space.

   Flyer-RO will create a flyer with updated information on the photo  and
   writing contests to hand out at the launch.

Other Events


   Science Gallery-EE will look to restart the Science Gallery event.

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Chair
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