Meeting Minutes-12 January 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

User Group


   Simple APG-Application is live. We should have a decision in the next
   few weeks. WMUK has added a note of support to the application.

   Wiki Conference-RO is confirmed as our attendee at Wiki Con. We have
   been allocated an additional attendee. It was agreed by those in attendance
   that SE will be the second attendee.



   UCD 23 November 2016-we had approximately 85 students attended the
   workshop, with members of the public floating in an out. One thing we
   learned was that it is necessary for us to have Wiki Markup handouts for
   the students at these types of events. The class did not use the education
   extension this year, but RO will find out how many articles were improved.

   Upcoming Events:

      24 February-Trinity College Library-workshop celebrating the 50th
      anniversary of the Berkeley Library. The event will focus on the
      architecture of the library and will be open to Librarians and
students. RO
      has already created a list of suggested articles.

      8 March-NUI Maynooth-International Women’s Day-All Day drop-in

      Week of 6 March-NUI Galway-Possible International Women’s Day workshop

      Week of 6 March-Accenture/WITS-possible Art + Feminism workshop



   No news



   Only 4 winners have not gotten in touch. SE will place one more
   notification on their user pages, giving them 2 weeks to claim their prize.
   The rest of the prizes have already been claimed.

   SE will begin work on the grant report, which is due in February.

   The focus of 2017 contest will be on the 42% of Irish monuments that do
   not have an image. If the contract position in the Simple APG is approved,
   that contractor will work on re-aligning the contest, copyright issues,
   creating a number system and placing the monument information on Wikipedia.

   Writing contest-there were 3 winners in the writing contest. They were
   announced on Twitter and Facebook. SE mailed out the prizes to the winners.

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Volunteer Chair
Wikimedia Community Ireland

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