Meeting Minutes-23 February 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

User Group

Simple APG


   We received the decision from the committee. They have recommended that
   we be funded the full amount minus one contract position. Over all they
   were pleased with our preparation and the grant itself though they did have
   some reservations about hiring practices, our lack of experience managing
   employees and lack of experience with grants.

   The Foundation also had concerns about the potential lobbying issues
   with the WLM contract position. Several suggestions were made on how to
   relieve the Foundation’s concerns. SE and RO will be meeting with the
   Foundation on 1 March to discuss the recommendations and plot out the
   process to move forward.

   It was decided by the group that we will request the WLM contractor over
   the WLE contractor. Adjustments will be made in the job spec to remove any
   instances that could be considered lobbying of the government.

   SE, SF and Eugene met on 21 February to discuss whether to have an open
   hiring call for the FTE position. It was decided that, due to time
   constraints and issues with finding someone more qualified, we would not
   have an open hiring call for the FTE position but we will for the WLM
   contractor position.

   RO has starting putting out feelers for the Accountant position in the
   Simple APG.



   #EditWikiLit was held at UCC on 8 February. We are awaiting stats from
   Donna Alexander.

Upcoming Schedule:


   28 February-DCU Library-2-5-This is being organised by the librarian at
   DCU with assistance from RO. 9 people are currently registered.

   8 March-NUI Maynooth-International Women’s Day workshop-2:30-5:30. This
   event is being organised by Brian McKenzie. It will take place in the
   computer lab at Maynooth and is open to the public, though they have to
   pre-register. RO will assist on the day. A page for the event is in the
   process of being created.

   9 March-NUI Galway-International Women’s Day-10:30-3:30. The University
   is providing lunch for this event. RO will travel to Galway to assist SF
   with this event. SF reported that registrations are continuing. Two images
   have been created and uploaded to Commons to advertise this event. As part
   of the week long event SF will also be presenting a talk on the lack of
   women on Wikipedia.

   15 March-Trinity College Library-8:30-1:30-workshop celebrating the 50th
   anniversary of the Berkeley Library. The event will be open to Trinity
   students and staff only. RO is assisting with organisation of this event.

   June 2017-possible UCC event



   GLAM Wiki Conference-Paris-RO attended this conference. It had 32
   attendees giving lightning talks about different aspects of GLAM and how to
   work with GLAMs. There were session about Wiki Data  and GLAMs releasing
   datasets that we might be able to apply to our WLM data. RO also had many
   conversations about how we can bring the Irish language into the Celtic
   Languages conversation. Also about how we can embrace the ‘emerging
   community’ title and use it to our advantage. RO will reach out about how
   to promote ourselves as an ‘emerging community’.



   Celtic Knot Conference-5-6 July 2017-10am-5pm-Edinburgh-RO scheduled to
   attend-The event will focus on Celtic Languages and Indigenous Languages,
   showcasing innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open
   data that support and grow language communities.



   The grant report is almost completed.



   As we are speaking with the Foundation on 1 March about the Simple APG
   it was decided that we will meet again next week on 2 March at 7:30pm.

-- Shannon Eichelberger
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