Meeting Minutes-13 March 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Kelly Fitzgerald (KF)

User Group


   Simple APG

      SE, EE, and RO met with the representative of the Foundation about
      the committee feedback. In short:

         There were some questions about growing the volunteer community
         and how we measure that (ie by population, by proportional
view, ect). It
         was agreed that we need more volunteers but it would be better to show
         value to the wider Wikimedia Community through the types of
events we hold.

         There were concerns by some of the committee that WLM/WLE were
         going to be run by paid staff. We assured them WLM will be run by

         We expressed concerns that many of the concerns and
         recommendations were vague. We were told that they are vague
on purpose, as
         to not to restrict us.

         We need to document the experience with the hiring process and
         dealing with staff as this will help us to address some of
the concerns of
         the committee.

         They requested that we change the wording of the WLM contractor to
         remove any contact with government officials. And update
budget to remove
         the WLE contractor.

      SE and EE met a week later with the representative of the Foundation
      to discuss the hiring process. There was a reiteration of the committee's
      recommendation that an open process be implemented for the requested
      positions. It was suggested that without an open process, future funding
      would be in jeopardy. Some specifics about the exact constitution of an
      open process was discussed and a fair amount of discretion was left to be
      defined by the User Group. With this understanding EE will create the job
      requirements and will decide where they will be posted. We will have a 2
      week period for applications. Both the full time and WLM contractor
      positions will be advertised at the same time.

      As soon as the 2016 WLM grant report is accepted the Simple APG grant
      will be approved with funds to follow.



   28 February-DCU Library-15 participants/12 editors. This event led
   directly to the organisation of the Vicipéid event on 22 March (below)

   4 March-Art+Feminism Event Galway-This event was organised independently
   of the group. Sharon helped out for a few hours and RO gave a video
   presentation. There were about 5-7 participants.

   8 March-NUI Maynooth-International Women’s Day workshop-10-15
   participants. Mostly academic staff. There was at least 1 new article
   created and several edits.

   9 March-NUI Galway-International Women’s Day-17 participants. At least 1
   new article was created with several edits.

Upcoming Events:


   15 March-Trinity College Library-8:30-1:30-workshop celebrating the 50th
   anniversary of the Berkeley Library. The event will be open to Trinity
   students and staff only. RO is assisting with organisation of this event.

   22 March-DCU-5-7-Vicipéid event-This event rose directly from a contact
   made at the DCU event.

   June 2017-possible UCC event




   Celtic Knot Conference-5-6 July 2017-10am-5pm-Edinburgh-RO scheduled to
   attend-The event will focus on Celtic Languages and Indigenous Languages,
   showcasing innovative approaches to open education, open knowledge and open
   data that support and grow language communities.



   The grant report has been submitted and is awaiting approval.

-- Shannon Eichelberger
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