Meeting Minutes-20 April 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Dan Garry (DG)

We welcomed a new member to the group, Dan Garry

User Group


   Project Coordinator position: After reviewing the applicants it was
   decided that the group would hire Rebecca O’Neill for the position. She
   will report bi-weekly at the meetings and to the Volunteer Chair (Shannon
   Eichelberger) on the off weeks. RO outlined her plans over the next few
   months. In short:

      Reaching out to other ‘Open Knowledge’ groups as well as heritage
      institutions to create new partnerships. She has a meeting with a
      representative at the National Library next week.

      Investigating an updated website. The choices are a wordpress site or
      an expanded meta page. It is envisions that we would start a
blog about our
      activities and use it to better promote our activities.

      Recruiting an accountant to bring the group into tax compliance and
      to facilitate paying of employees and contractors.

      Starting a monthly newsletter in addition to posting the meeting

      Sorting out our memberships at TOG, which will give us a place to
      host meetups and also give us contacts into the maker community.

   WLM contractor position: We have several promising candidates. EE will
   begin the task of organising interviews, assisted by SE and RO.



   Upcoming Workshops


   Possible future events

      WLM editing workshop

      Library Association workshop

      Trinity faculty who are looking to work with Wikipedia in the

      RO is following up with the Vicipéid group-looking to make them
      independent by training them to run their own workshops. SE spoke to a
      participant of the original workshop who is based in Galway. He is very
      interested in organising an event towards the end of the year. SF is
      meeting with him next week.



   Wikimedia Conference update-SE and RO attended this conference at the
   end of March. The main take away is that User Groups are going to be the
   way forward for the Foundation in the short term. There are currently 71
   User Groups. These groups do not have a strong voice and there are not many
   supports in place for them. We are proposing to conduct a survey of the
   User Groups to get a better idea of their compositions and what they need
   from WMF, from other chapters, and from each other. We hope to present our
   findings at WMCON next year.

   Upcoming Conferences

      July 5-6-Celtic Knot-Edinburgh-RO to attend

      August 23-25 International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym
      2017)-Galway-RO will look into possibly presenting a poster. We will also
      look to have a presence there.



   Planning for 2018 is underway. RO is looking into a venue to hold an
   exhibition of past winners.

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Chair
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