Meeting Minutes-3 May 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Dan Garry (DG)

User Group


   WLM Contractor

      Interview invitations to be sent out tonight to candidates

      EE and SE will conduct interviews-anyone else is welcome to attend

   Program Coordinator Update (RO)

      Met with contact at National Library of Ireland-staff member has been
      brought on to push towards more open licensing Offered to
provide in house
      training on CC licensing.

      Contacted a member of the Digital Repository of Ireland-waiting to
      hear back.

      Trinity Library-planning another event around the Terry Pratchet
      collection. “4 May is the tentative date.

      Attended Creative Ireland Event run by Dublin City Council. The city
      is looking to collaborate with stakeholders to promote creative
      Met with members of the crafting community looking to get more positive
      imagery of crafting out there. Attending their meeting on 14 May.

      Created a Draft Newsletter. Want to make it a monthly recurrence.



   Upcoming Workshops

      24 May-Trinity College Dublin-2-5pm-Terry Pratchet Collection Workshop

      August-UCC-RO reported that Donna will possibly run another even in
      August. She also found another professor at UCC using Wikipedia

   Possible future events

      WLM editing workshop

      Library Association workshop

      Trinity faculty who are looking to work with Wikipedia in the

      Vicipéid Workshop-SF spoke to contact in Galway. He would like to run
      a more informal event, with perhaps 405 people, at the end of August.
      Potential theme: Redressing the Balance-each participant finds an article
      that is meaningful to them to improve. Wants to run the entire
workshop in
      Irish. RO suggested a pre-event training.



   Upcoming Conferences

      July 5-6-Celtic Knot-Edinburgh-RO has registered and booked her
      flights and accommodation

      August 23-25 International Symposium on Open Collaboration (OpenSym
      2017)-Galway-RO cannot attend. It is open to someone else to
attend in her



   RO is still putting out feelers for an exhibition. Will contact some
   local artists for ideas.

-- Shannon Eichelberger, Chair
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