Meeting Minutes-24 July 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

User Group


   Still no news from CRO.

   SE contact WMF about reallocating funds to pay employers PRSI. They
   would like to set up a meeting with SE and RO to discuss it in early August.

   RO has been working on content for the website. It will go live this

   Project Coordinator Update (RO)

      TOG-RO is now a full member. She has floated the idea of Wiki events
      and has received a positive response. The first event could possible be
      held in August

      DCU Vicipéid-training events to begin in September

      Science Gallery-RO suggested an event in conjunction with Wiki
      Science Competition in November. The Gallery might be able to provide

      Wiki Loves Pride event-GAZE workshop-Monday 7 August at 11am

      Leaflets-finalising the layout to send for printing

      Was contacted by another interested party in Cork. Put in touch with
      the other members in Cork


Upcoming Workshops


   GAZE Workshop-7 August-11 am-Lighthouse Theatre, Smithfield

   DRI Workshops-September, October, November

Possible Future Events


   Accenture Pride workshop-August-EE contacted several people in
   Accenture. The process is moving slowly. We might have to put it off until
   next year.


   UCC-Sept/Oct-Wikidata/Open Education Workshop

   Galway-Vicipéid-SF has a few candidates for Vicipéid training. Will
   coordinate with RO.

   NLI workshop

   Science Gallery Workshop-Wiki Science Competition-November



   Re:Publica-September-self fund to set up a stand. We will pass for this



   Contractor update-all of the monuments have been uploaded to Wikidata
   and we can now create maps using the data. (see example here
   Several WLM Wikidata categories have been approved. A cohesive numbering
   system has been created.

   Waiting to hear back from Archaeofest about launch.

-- Shannon
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