*Wikimedia Community Ireland Newsletter - August 2017Wiki Loves Pride at
GAZE Festival*
Join us at our very first Wiki Loves Pride
<https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia:Wiki_Loves_Pride/2017> event,
which is taking place on the 7 August, 11am to 1pm, at the Light House
Theatre, Smithfield, Dublin. Find all the details and sign up on Facebook

If you attended the recent Pride Parades around the country with your
camera, do consider uploading them to Wikimedia Commons
<https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Category:Dublin_Pride_2017> for the
world to enjoy!

*Wiki Loves Monuments*
Once again we are very excited to be launching Wiki Loves Monuments at
in Merrion Square
<http://www.heritageweek.ie/whats-on/event/archaeofest-2017-1> on 26
August. We will be displaying previous winners of our photographic
competition, so do come along and have a chat with us!

*Wikidata and Irish monuments*
Irish monuments are moving up in the world! Pawel has finished his work on
the adding and improving of Irish monument data on Wikidata. You can see
one of the glorious maps he produced here

We have recently created a new website <http://wikimedia.ie/> for the
group, using a Wordpress Theme that is specifically developed for Wikimedia
User Groups. We would love to hear your feedback on it, or any suggestions
you might have of extra content you'd like to see there.

*Digital Repository of Ireland (DRI)*
The first event that we are running in partnership with the DRI has been
announced. This first event will focus on Creative Commons Licences. You
can find further details here

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