Meeting Minutes-24 August 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

User Group


   Meeting with WMF-RO and SE met with WMF to discuss this issue with the
   PRSI payment and give a progress report on our activities. WMF was pleased
   with our progress so far. They advised that our mid-term report is due on
   30 September.

   Project Coordinator Update (RO)

      DCU-Wikidata meeting-RO met with the creator of the article
      placeholder tool about incorporating it into Vicipéid. RO is
going to start
      a conversation on the Vicipéid Village Pump.

      Science Gallery meeting-they are enthusiastic about the WIki Science
      contest. We asked for support for a launch/awards ceremonies,
promotion of
      the contest and prizes. We might be able to get it included in
the Science
      Week promotions/events (mid-November).

      NLI workshop confirmed for 2 October from 10-1. 12 participants are
      already confirmed.

      The printing has been delivered.

      So far 2 people are signed up for the TOG workshop on 30 August.


Upcoming Workshops


   TOG Workshop-30 August 7-9 pm

   DRI Workshops-5 September, 17 October, 16 November

   UCD Workshops-11 October and 22 November

   NLI-2 October-training for librarians in Creative Commons Licensing

Possible Future Events


   Wiki Science-November

   Vicipéid Workshop-Galway-October



   No news



   Launch 26 August from 11-4, set up at 8.

   A meeting is schedule with the international committee about the Upload

   EE is working to get the website redirect up and running.

   RO will send out a press release Friday morning.

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