Meeting Minutes-18 October 2017


Shannon Eichelberger (SE)

Eugene Eichelberger (EE)

Rebecca O’Neill (RO)

Sharon Flynn (SF)

Brian McKenzie (BM)

Bhargav Panth (BP)

User Group


   Simple APG Grant Report-SE and RO had a meeting with WMF about the
   mid-point grant report. Some changes need to be made to the layout and the
   project stories. It was also recommended that the contests section be
   changed to outreach. SE and RO will work on the changes over the next few
   weeks and bring it back to the group for approval.


   Project Coordinator Update (RO)

      UCD Workshop-11 October-the workshop went well. The class is working
      on articles on Irish WOmen. The follow up workshop is on November.

      Train the Trainer-NUIG-4 Irish speakers attended the workshop. They
      were shown how to use Vicipéid including the newly added Sandbox. Looking
      into improving the citation tool and the translation dashboard.

      Meeting with DRI about 30 November workshop-the event is in
      conjunction with TCD and RIA. The focus will be on obsolete file formats.
      TCD has a recently donated collections of old computers that may be
      available for the workshop. RO, SE and EE will attend.

      Open Street Map meeting-21 Ocotober 11-4 at TOG-they are looking to
      form a User Group. RO will attend.

      TOG editing event on 25 October in conjunctions with European Maker


Upcoming Workshops


   Wiki Awareness Workshop-NUIG-20 October-SF will be running the 2nd
   annual Wiki Awareness workshop at NUIG. As part of it they will be
   uploading images to Wikimedia COmmons. 14 members of staff are currently

   TOG-25 October

   DRI Workshop-30 November

   UCD Workshop-22 November

   Wiki Science-November-landing page is live. The Science Gallery, Science
   Foundation of Ireland and Women in Science, Technology and STEM (WITS) will
   promote it. The prizes are donated by the Designists. There is a possible
   workshop for the contest in TOG during Science Week.

Possible Future Events


   Vicipéid Workshop-Galway



   Wikipedia Conference-NUI Maynooth-June 2018-BM spoke to Dean of Teaching
   and Learning who has agreed to sponsor a conference on Wikipedia. It will
   be a one day conference focused on research into WIkipedia and it’s use in
   Third Level education. The call for papers will go out in November. SF and
   RO will help choose the papers. Currently 7 teachers in Maynooth are using

   Diversity Conference-10-12 November-RO invited to attend.



   Round 1 voting under way.

   Awards ceremony-possibly held in Science Gallery

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