Hi everybody,

Wikimedia Strategywiki  is trying to find out how they can improve reach and 
usability in Indian context.Previously on mr-wiki yahoo group I had taken 
online poll and found one of the glaring defficiancy  in reaching out to the 
people. While other Marathi Language Websites get better word of mouth 
publicity and so they do have more editorial pool. Where as when it comes 
wikipedians my online survey shows that at least marathi wikipedians  are 
reluctant to talk to their friends and family members about wikipedia. 

And it is not about others it is a myself too,WHile I am a strong supporter of 
Wikipedia specialy local languge ones still, usually  I do avoid to discuss 
about marathi languge wikipedia among my friends and family.

First of all let us discuss frankly and understand what is the reason of this 
reluctance? Wikipedia is too serious or boring a subject to discuss , wikipedia 
concept level  is a too difficult to explain to others ?Objections and negative 
perceptions of the people are too deficult to handle?  Wikipedia is not usefull 
to you in your own day to day life ? Wikipedia is not beneficial to your freind 
? Wikipedia is not beneficial to your family? Wikipedia is not beneficial for 
my , my friend and family education , career/office work and rmy revenue ?  

To which questions your answers goes yes ? If yes then is possible to elaborate 
or suggest a better solution that can make wiki movement more relevant to 
Indian context 

Thanks and Regards

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