>From a technology angle, I do not think we have active people on media
wiki or other open source wiki editors and stuff like that.  We can
putup a stall, but I have doubts that the hacker community will be
interested in. Wikimedia as a platform. We can attempt a stall, if
that gives us a bit of publicity to promote our cause.


On 10/26/09, CherianTinu Abraham <tinucher...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> I know it is very very late for this now.. Can we have some wikipedia
> participation for the upcoming FOSS.in conference at Bangalore ?
> For those who came in late, Atul Chitnis of FOSS.in had inivited us for
> speaker notes or even info stalls for wikipedia , during the last Bangalore
> meetup ( Oct 11) .
> Unfortunately most of us went busy and today ( 28th Oct , 2009) happens to
> be last date for the speaker registeration.
> More details can be seen below>
> http://foss.in/
> http://foss.in/register/speaker-registration-2009
> Since Atul is very sympathetic to the cause of Wikipedia, we may be still
> possible to buy some more time if v can get some concrete ideas by today. ;)
> Comments?
> Thanks
> Tinu Cherian

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