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India Online Study 2009 - A snapshot by JuxtConsult - 

Presentation Transcript

   1. India Online 2009 Understanding Online Indians and their Net Usage 
Behavior and Preferences
   2. Study Overview • Most recent estimates of Internet user-ship in urban and 
rural India. Estimates based on a land survey conducted between Dec 2008–Jan 
2009 among 135,000 individuals from 16,000 households in 40 cities and over 
12,000 households in 480 villages spread across all the 4 regions of the 
country • Insightful understanding of net usage behavior and preferences of 
regular online Indians. Findings on ‘net usage dynamics’ based on a sample of 
over 50,000 ‘active’ online panel members with JuxtConsult, and findings on 
‘popular online activities and website preferences’ based on an online survey 
among more than 12,500 of these ‘active’ panel members in Feb-Mar 2009 • 
Understanding of online Indians as ‘consumers’ and not just as faceless net 
users. Includes their socio-economic status, online shopping behavior, and 
website and media preferences reported on the ‘most used’ basis • Website 
preferences captured
 for over 32 online verticals/domains
   3. Methodology A land survey was conducted to profile and estimate the users 
of internet. The survey covered ‘towns’ and ‘villages’ of all population 
strata, and ‘households’ of all socio-economic classes (SEC) within each of 
these towns and villages Net usage dynamics, behavior and website preferences 
were captured from the ‘actual’ internet users form JuxtConsult’s own Internet 
User Panel (www.getcounted.net) Demographic ‘weights’ derived from the land 
survey were then used to make the online panel and survey data representative 
of the entire online urban population (and not just of the online panel 
members) Representation ‘weights’ were derived based on 6 demographic 
parameters - town class, SEC, region, gender, age and preferred language of 
reading Only authentic Govt. of India data (NSSO/Census/RGI) were used for 
estimation of user-ship and derivation of representation ‘weights’
   4. Topline Findings
   5. Pond gets smaller, but livelier… ‘All’ internet users down at 47 million 
(39 million urban, 8 million rural) Drop of 6% from last year (lapse of around 
3 mn occasional users) Just 10% growth in ‘regular’ users base*, reaching 38.5 
mn (33 mn urban) +3.5 mn regular ‘urban’ users over last year, +0.4 mn regular 
‘rural’ users 15% growth in ‘daily’ internet users (+4.2 mn in last 1 year to 
reach 32 mn) * Regular internet users = internet users who use the internet ‘at 
least once a month’ ** All internet users = Regular + Occasional internet users 
who have ‘used the internet in last one year’
   6. Lapsers predominantly Cybercafe users Exclusive cybercafé user base 
shrink to become just 6% of all internet users Lapsers from cyber cafe account 
for most of the internet lapsers in last one year Office continues to be the 
place from where internet is accessed the most (68% at ‘multiple’ access point 
level) Average place of access per user is 1.9 On preferred access point basis, 
home tops at 37%
   7. Affordability & language holding it back… 1 out of 4 computer user still 
not using internet Most new broadband connections are ‘replacement’ connections 
Still only 4 mn internet users access it through mobile phones Only 13% of 
existing internet users prefer to read in English More importantly only 20 mn 
Indians (<2% of all) prefer to read in English
   8. Catching the ‘classes’ across the country… 4 out of 5 online Indian are 
in the ‘prime’ of their life (19-35 years) 3 out of 4 of them belong to the 
‘consuming’ and ‘aspiring’ class (almost half of them belong to SEC ‘A’ and 
‘B’) Half of all Internet users are employed Their average monthly family 
income is 3.2 times the national average 3 out of 4 of them come from the 
non-metro towns and nearby villages
   9. Household Assets % Internet Users Owning Color TV 78% Mobile Phone 72% 
Bank Account 68% Computer/Laptop 71% Fridge 53% Life Insurance 46% 2-Wheeler 
51% Credit Card 25% Air Conditioner 13% 4-Wheeler 10% Invested in Shares 14%
  10. What they do when online… % Undertaking Change from 2008 Top 10 Online 
Activities* Search for travel products 84% - Job search 71% -0.3% Search for 
non-travel products 68% - Instant messaging/chatting 67% -3% Check general news 
62% -1% Dating/Friendship 55% +5% Check cricket content/score 53% +3% Check 
sports other than cricket 52% - Matrimonial search 49% +0.4% English info 
search engine 49% +0.6% On an average net users undertakes 13 activities online 
(2 less than last year) Main gainers are dating/friendship, check cricket 
content, PC to PC net telephony and downloading mobile content. Main losers are 
download music, check business & financial news, check sports other than 
cricket, check cinema content and professional networking 42% use a local 
Indian language website (+8% over last year) * Emailing not included as all 
panel members are email users by default
  11. Most net users ‘window shop’ online 89% of all regular online Indians 
‘shop’ online (search or buy) 20% have also bought online in last 1 year, i.e., 
‘active’ online buyers base of 7.6 million 65% of online ‘buyers’ have bought a 
travel product online and 50% have bought a non-travel product online 74% of 
travel buyers have bought train tickets, 34% air tickets Credit card is the 
most popular mode of online payment at 50% Less than 1 in 5 ‘non-buying’ online 
shoppers cite ‘fear of misuse of credit card’ as a reason for not buying online
  12. Google continues to be the most used website of all! Website % Use it the 
Most Change from 2008 Google 35% +7% Yahoo 25% -3% Gmail 11% +3% Orkut 7% -1% 
Rediff 4% -5% Indiatimes 1% -0.1% Moneycontrol 0.7% -0.1% Hotmail 0.6% -0.4% 
Youtube 0.5% +0.3% Sify 0.5% -0.2%
  13. Most Used Website for Specific Activities Vertical Top Website Vertical 
Top Website % Use % Use Most Most Emailing Yahoo / Gmail 45% / 44% Matrimony 
Bharatmatrimony 37% Instant Messaging Yahoo 38% Friendship/Dating Orkut 38% Job 
Search Naukri 44% Share Pictures Orkut 26% Online News Yahoo 21% Social 
Networking Orkut 53% Info Search – English Google 76% Professional Networking 
Orkut / Linkedin 24% / 24% Info Search – Local language Google 34% Video 
Sharing Youtube 32% Online Travel Buy IRCTC 43% Non-cricket Sports Espnstar 19% 
Games Zapak 41% Cricket content Cricinfo 27% Online Buying (Non-Travel) Ebay 
25% Cinema content Youtube / Yahoo 18% / 17% Real Estate Makaan 23% 
Listen/stream Music Raaga 16% Business & Financial News Moneycontrol 22% 
Financial Info & Quotes Moneycontrol 24% Online Share Trading ICICIdirect 28% 
Buy/Rent Movie CD Rediff 27% PC to PC Net Telephony Yahoo 29% Mobile content 
Yahoo 18% PC to Telephone Net Telephony Yahoo /
 Skype 28% / 26% Cinema Tickets Google 19% PC to Mobile Messaging (sms) 160by2 
21% Astrology Astrology 25% Net banking ICICI Bank 31% Download Movies Torrentz 
  14. Report Details
  15. List of Reports • The India Online 2009 package of reports has an 
‘Overall Report’, which presents the broad level findings on various aspects of 
net usage (on the base of ‘all internet users’) • In addition there are a 
series of Supplementary Reports • Each supplementary report presents a specific 
‘category level’ or ‘user segment level’ findings. Here the sample base is the 
‘subset’ of internet users belonging to a specific user segment, or undertaking 
a specific online activity, and the report outlines their internet usage 
behavior and preferences
  16. List Of Reports 1. Overall Report Category Supplementary Reports: 
(profiling users of top 5 websites) 19. Online Shopping User Segment 
Supplementary Reports: 20. Emailing 21. Instant Messaging / Chatting 2. Women 
on the net 22. PC to Mobile Messaging 3. Youth on the net (teenagers and young 
adults) 23. Job Search 4. Urban versus Rural net users 24. Matrimony 5. Net 
users by their socio-economic (SEC) profile 25. Info Search – English 6. 
Students on the net 26. Travel Booking 7. Corporate employees on the net 27. 
Social Networking 28. Professional Networking 8. IT professionals on the net 
29. Friendship / Dating 9. Heavy online spenders on the net 30. Sharing 
Pictures 10. Bloggers on the net 31. Sharing Videos 11. Car owning net users 
32. Online News 12. Two-wheeler owning net users 33. Business/Financial News 
13. Credit card owners on the net 34. Financial Info (quotes, rates, indices, 
etc) 14. Net users by place of access (homes, place of work,
 35. Online Share Trading cyber cafes) 36. Net Telephony (PC to PC, PC to 
Telephone ) 15. Net users by type of connection (broadband, dial-up, 37. Cinema 
Content etc.) 38. Book Cinema Tickets 16. Net users by city/town type (metros, 
urban uptowns, 39. Buy / Rent Movie CD/DVD emerging towns, and others...) 40. 
Sports Content (cricket, other sports) 17. Net users as financial investors 41. 
Online Music 18. Vernacular language net users 42. Online Games 43. Online Real 
Estate 44. Mobile Content Download 45. Astrology 46. Online Education / 
Learning Note: Completion of any supplement report is subject to collection of 
sufficient sample responses in the survey.
  17. Pricing of Reports Report Price (Rs.)* Price (USD) * 12.36% service tax 
extra Main Report 100,000 3,500 Supplementary Report 100,000 each 3,500 each 
Main + 1 Supplementary Report (list price) 200,000 7,000 Main + 2-4 
Supplementary Reports Less 15% of list price Less 15% of list price Main + 5 or 
more Supplementary Reports Less 25% of list price Less 25% of list price Note - 
only supplement reports cannot be bought in isolation (without the main 
report). • Payment Terms : 50% advance, 50% after delivery of all reports • 
Delivery Timeline : Main Report – First Week of April 2009 : Supplementary 
Report – 1 week per report thereafter or from date of order, whichever is later 
• Report Delivery Format : PDF
  18. Information Coverage Demographic and socio-economic profile of online 
Indians Gender, age, city (village), city type (village type), region 
Educational qualification, current occupation, industry of occupation, 
preferred language of reading, status in the household SEC (urban, rural), 
monthly household income, most expensive vehicle owned Household and financial 
asset ownership – home, land, TV, fridge, washing machine, AC, microwave, music 
system, DVD player, Ipod, camera, video recorder, tube well/pump, landline 
phone, mobile phone, computer, cable TV connection, bank account, demat 
account, fixed deposits, chit fund deposits, life insurance, medical insurance, 
debit card, credit card, mutual fund, shares, etc Currently running loan 
liabilities if any Net usage status and dynamics Years of experience in using 
the net Place of access (home, place of work, cyber café, transit, choupal/gram 
panchayat) Net usage details by the most preferred
 place of access - type of connection, ISP subscribed to, frequency of usage, 
duration of usage, usage by day parts Daily time spent on net vis-à-vis on 
computer usage, watching TV, reading newspaper and listening to radio
  19. Information Coverage Online activities undertaken and most used websites 
Popular online activities and their usage penetrations Most used websites at 
the overall level Most used websites for 30 popular online activities: Emailing 
Instant Messaging/Chatting Info Search (English) Info Search (Local Language) 
Job Search Astrology Travel Booking Online Shopping (other than travel 
products) News Financial Info (rates, quotes, etc.) Online Share Trading Real 
Estate Info Matrimonial Search Dating/Friendship Social Networking/Communities 
Sharing Pictures Sharing Videos PC to PC and PC to Phone based Net Telephony 
Professional Networking PC to Mobile messaging (SMS) Gaming Listen/buy Music 
Sports (cricket & non cricket) Cinema Content Buy/Rent Movies Downloading 
Mobile Content Net Banking Online education/learning
  20. Information Coverage Online shopping behavior Penetration of online 
shoppers (search) and buyers (search and buy) Travel products bought and 
searched in last 1 year, search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying and average 
monthly spends Non-travel products bought and searched in last 1 year, 
search-to-buy ratios, frequency of buying and average monthly spends Modes of 
online payment used Motivations of buying online and problems faced while 
buying online Reasons for not buying online (for those who search only) Online 
marketing stimulus responded to (banner ads, search ads, virals, contest, 
e-mailers, newsletters) Internet usage in local Indian languages Popular 
languages of internet usage, most used websites for each of these languages 
Blogging & online community membership Proportion of internet users reading, 
commenting and owning blogs Proportion of internet users as members of online 
communities Main problems faced while surfing the Internet
  21. Contact Details • Address : 3, Kehar Singh Estate, 1st Floor, Westend 
Marg, Lane 2, Said-ul-Ajaib, New Delhi – 110030 • Telephone : +91-11-29535098, 
+91-11-32451093, +91-9811256502 • Contact Person : Sanjay Tiwari • Email : 
san...@juxtconsult.com • Website : www.juxtconsult.com
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