Achal Prabhala wrote:
> Greetings...my name is Achal Prabhala and I am helping the Wikimedia 
> Foundation with their strategy exercise 
> (http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Main_Page), specifically, by 
> coordinating the India task force 
> (http://strategy.wikimedia.org/wiki/Task_force/India_Task_Force).
> While several people have applied to be on the task force, and others 
> have been invited, we are still looking for Wikipedians and Wiki 
> enthusiasts with some very specific attributes, namely:
> - Hindi Wikipedians (or Wikipedians who live in Delhi/ North India and 
> come from there)

During the next month, I will relocate to India. I will be based in 
Gwalior. While my level of written Hindi is not that great, I would like 
to help. I also don't know how much time, and what Internet access I 
will have.

In case, you don't know, this is me ;o)

> - Northeastern Wikipedians (who originate from and preferably live in 
> some part of Northeast India, excluding Calcutta and W. Bengal)
> - Urdu/ Punjabi Wikipedians (either from Pakistan and living there, or 
> from India)
> Lastly, there is a somewhat embarrassing lack of female participation in 
> the Wikimedia world generally, and this reflects almost more sharply in 
> our region. Should any of you be (or know of) good candidates to correct 
> this apparent representational imbalance, we are very interested in 
> hearing from you.
> I'm writing to ask for your help in trying to identify some names/ leads 
> around all four categories listed above. If you feel you fit these 
> attributes yourself, please don't hesitate to nominate yourself - all we 
> need to know is a little about what you do and why you think you could 
> contribute to the India task force.
> Could you please send your suggestions to me (aprabh...@gmail.com) and 
> Eugene Kim (ee...@blueoxen.com) in the next one or two days?
> Thank you in anticipation.
> Cheers,
> Achal


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