Interesting topic and insights.

I feel it is a matter of time, before  Indian languages assert their
rightful place in the digital world. Pluralism is  the rule of  Nature, and
nothing, whatever its might, will never be able to change this.

Look at the history, was Great Britain able to establish its super power
status forever? Did US, which emerged as super power  not find its match in
USSR for some time? After the collapse of USSR, did not the seemingly single
super power status of US balanced by EU?  There are signs  that   power
shift to   to Asia (Japan, China, India) is happening? Have not, India's own
IT companies and even the US IT companies  looking for their pot of gold in
Indian economy?

Every  thing which becomes big will have in it the seeds of destruction? Big
bang theory applies to everything, even  recent recession is an excellent


2009/12/2 Gerard Meijssen <gerard.meijs...@gmail.com>

> Hoi,
> When you adopt English as an important language for yourself, you study it
> typically as a second language. Even when you get the best education and you
> achieve a high level of proficiency, you will still respond better to
> messages in your mother tongue in times of stress. It has also been
> demonstrated time and again that kids who learn to read and write in their
> mother tongue will experience a positive effect that will last them
> throughout their academic life.
> When schools or parents insist on teaching primary reading and writing in
> English, they hurt their children. It works well to teach to read and write
> in English once the basic skills of reading and writing have been learned in
> the mother tongue.
> When you consider the value of English for yourself, you may find benefits
> because of your ability to use the English language. You have to recognise
> at the same time that many other people are not able to use English as well
> as you do. This is true in Britain, it is even more true when English is a
> second language.
> When your question is about "why having all these Indian language
> Wikipedias", there are two distinct considerations. The first is that not
> everyone is able to use the English language Wikipedia and prefers to get
> his information in his own language. Typically people understand a text in
> their mother tongue better then the same text in a second language. The
> second is that the information that is important in your mother tongue is
> also available in the second language.. Effectively this means that subjects
> about India need to be well written in both languages if you want to argue
> that you can safely use English in stead.
> One other important reason for this is that you want to make sure that the
> culture, the history of India is well represented so that people can learn
> and experience the rich heritage of India. The most important people to
> write this for; the children of India.
> Thanks,
>      GerardM
> 2009/12/2 Mahitgar from Marathi Wikipedia <mahit...@yahoo.co.in>
>>  Today the world is very much in favour of adopting english language for
>> various reasons but one of the strong reasons for individuals and families
>> is dream of financial prosperity for themselves and their children.
>> English language has got more storage of knowledge that helps upgrade your
>> skills and exposure levels, and it helps to communicate with financially
>> powerful to garner economic benefits like jobs etc and business.
>> Since long I am in search of a linguist who can confirm and a show a way
>> to convert worlds seven billion human population into standard english using
>> population and also a way for humanity to sustain and continue forever any
>> such achievement that humanity keeps using the same english language and
>> does not go over to any linguistic transformations again.
>> I am also in search of an economist who can confirm that demand for
>> english language skill is just unlimited and will ensure more and more
>> economic prosperity to every one even when whole of humanity is converted in
>> to english language speaking population
>> Last bust not least can medical fraternity help research and introduce an
>> ejection or a tablet to convert people into english language knowing people.
>> Here I do not want to deny role english language has played in my own life
>> and it is also true that I am my self benefited out of english language
>> skills and knowledge.
>> Here I would like to bring to notice of my friends that when already jobs
>> of even native english speaking people got banglored, what happens when
>> whole of Chinese population becomes proficient in english language is only
>> that bangloreans will be in search of new phrase may be some thing like my
>> job is Shanghaied
>> Here I remember story of king of Midas who wanted every thing to be turned
>> into gold, Does not this story reminds me that having too much of any thing
>> and for that whole world running behind a single language also may not be a
>> best policy and there is need of revisiting our thoughts about this aspect
>> of life more sensibly.
>> I want my friends to discuss Role, benefits and limitation of adoption of
>> specific language for economic growth in individual human life as well as
>> micro and macro economics.
>> Wish you all season’s greetings
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