Hello All,

Here is a brief statistical analysis of some of the major Indic
language wikipedias for the month of 2009 December.

The data for this report is taken from the statistical analysis (of
all the WikiMedia foundation wikis) prepared and maintained by Erik
Zachte (Website: http://infodisiac.com/). The statistics is available
at http://stats.wikimedia.org/EN/Sitemap.htm. Special thanks to Erik
for all the support he has extended while I was compiling this report.

The report is prepared by collecting the data available on the last
day of every month. That is, the statistical data for the month of
2009 December is collected at 2009 December 31 23:59 PM GMT and so on.

Kindly note that, for time being, I have included the statistical
information of only those Indian language wikipedias that crossed the
1000 articles milestone. Following are those Indian Language

    *     Bengali
    *     Bishnupriya Manipuri
    *     Gujarathi
    *     Hindi
    *     Kannada
    *     Malayalam
    *     Marathi
    *     Tamil
    *     Telugu

I have plans to add the following SEA language wikipedias in the
future statistical reports (Statistical report for the month of
January 2010 onwards)

    *     Sinhala
    *     Sanskrit
    *     Bhojpuri
    *     Oriya
    *     Punjabi
    *     Assamese

I hope this initiative will improve the interaction between different
Indic Language Wikipedias/wikipedians.

We (Malayalam Wikipedians - http://ml.wikipedia.org) are maintaining a
similar comparison study of the major Indic Language wikipedias for
the past two years. This analysis has helped us to understand the
status of Malayalam Wikipedia as compared to the other Indic Language
Wikipedias. I hope this report will help other Indic language
wikipedias also.

The PDF of detailed analysis is available at

Please let me know in case there are any issues.

Shiju Alex

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