Casey Brown wrote:

> From what Mike told me, it depends on how India works with foreign
> trademarks, domain names, etc.  It's hard for the Foundation to get
> involved until there's some kind of organization or chapter setup in
> India.  It gets a lot more complex if the Foundation has to come in,
> which is why it's best to work informally with the registrar/owners
> first.
> Maybe you guys could try asking InRegistrar about this and see how far
> that goes?  Maybe they already have a process setup for this.

They have a published dispute resolution policy:

The relevant clauses are 4 & 6, possibly 7.  Is Wikipedia registered as 
a trademark in India?  Reading clause 4, I'm not sure anyone except the 
holder of a trademark will be able to challenge a registration.  Have a 
look at the decisions they've put up on the website.  They complainant 
seems to have an Indian trademark or to have applied for one in most cases:



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