He is interested in making wikipedia.in  as homepage for indian language wikipedias.
But his condition is that his name must be there in that page. Is it possible for us to give the credit on that page

He kept it this far and had not made a porn site using that url, thats great ;-), that means he has interest over wikipedia.  Giving him a single line thanks may be not a big issue. I think some of you people can remember old firefox.com. This is a public list, please dont call him a squatter atleast until we reach somewhere. AGF.

I don't think Wikipedians will accept that idea. If that is the case, it is better to go with the current system.

For some people it may be interesting. If possible include isolated indic language wikipedias such as Sinhala (Sreelankan) Divehi (Maldives), Nepali, Dzongkha(Bhutan) also to the site.

Main thing is that this site may be not essential, but if we make such a site and get some super publicity (through other medias, or a launch event, or by (mis)using a well known one to inaugurate ;-)) we can reach more people.

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