Thanks a lot for the notice. I think all this should be brought up at our
next Bangalore/Kerala meetup..

On 6 February 2010 13:06, Achal Prabhala <> wrote:

> Some time ago, the Wikimedia Foundation embarked on an ambitious
> strategy project that covered several topics, including India. That
> strategy project is now in discussion phase. Discussions on India were
> initially slow; now, however, there are tentative suggestions that need
> your input and help in refining.
> If you have a few minutes to help with this exercise, please go to:
> and add in your
> comments/ suggestions/ critiques - or your own recommendations.
> The strategy recommendations will serve as the Wikimedia Foundation's
> guide to strengthening work related to Wikipedia and sister projects
> within India, so the extent you can help craft the recommendations is
> the extent to which you will be helped back. Please participate: we need
> your input NOW!
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