Hi Shiju Alex,

*very* nice overview in numbers.

You’re calling it an ‘analysis’. Usually I expect some prose with an analysis – 
reasoning, assumptions and conclusions.

Do you - or someone else - have any plans to add these at some point in time? 
Currently each reader has to go through all the tables, make his own 
observations, mix in some assumptions and distill conclusions from those. I 
truly understand that commenting on numbers is probably even more work than 
gathering them in the current format in the first place.

It could however be very valuable – and a great discussion starter – if someone 
would comment on the numbers say every 6 months. It would also allow readers of 
the report to just read the words, and have the tables as an annex.

Next steps could be to add goals, strategies to archieve them, and assess the 
goals and strategies later on, based on this type of report.



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2010 January

Hello All

Please see the PDF file available at the location 
http://shijualexonline.googlepages.com/2010_01_january_en.pdf for a detailed 
statistical analysis of the Indian language wikipedias for the month of 2010 


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