Hi Shiju,

I agree Wiki editing and Wiki advocacy are two different things. Even for the 
Global Wikimedia Foundation not all advisers and promoters are active wiki 
editors. But both these kind of people should have been introduced to each 
other, have good faith and act in total sync. 

Regarding Tamil Wiki case, this fraud guy hasn't made a single edit in Ta wiki. 
Not sure if he has a user account and he never passed any information to the 
community of what he was doing in the name of Tamil wiki. This is unacceptable. 

As you noted, we are also carefully watching active interest regarding wiki 
from various corners. Reasons to watch:

1. To protect from vested interests. Many have their own selfishness, agenda.

2. To ensure organic growth and evolution of Wikis. 

If some NPO / Govt is going to donate 1 lakh articles to our wikis, it hears so 
sweet. But the reality it is so hard to ensure wiki standards, formats, 
prinicples if so many articles come at a single time from people who don't 
understand what is wiki. Slow and steady can be better sometimes.

Wikipedia is not just the number of articles, funds etc., Any sort of
good contribution can only come from who understands the nature and
spirit of Wiki philosophy. The increase in articles and active wikipedians 
should follow a similar growth rate to ensure the usefulness of wiki. I 
strongly believe wiki is driven by the philosophy and contributors who adhere 
to it.

Hi Yellow Monkey, 

For diplomatic reasons I can't name the man in public. Many of the Indic 
Wikipedians are aware of the issue and may share the name privately during 
meetups. The point is World has enough conmans and we should be prepared :)

Hi Srikanth,

Wiki / open source has a very different working culture from all projects in 
earth :) people have difficulty understanding it. People are so used to work 
under some big leader, many small leaders :) Wiki is as much a cultural 
revolution as a knowledge revolution. 

Hi Jyothis, 

Yes, a Wikimedia subpage will be good to document contact persons across all 
Indic Wikipedias.

Regarding the mechanism for election in Tamil Wikipedia:

Considering the urgency of the situation, we just proposed a initial set of 12 
long serving wikipedians (including non-sysops) across different states and 
countries. And they were all elected unanimously with a single election until 
this year end. Among them 5 have been given the responsibility to conduct talks 
with Govt if needed. 

Later, we will draft formal procedures and qualifications for this 
responsibility like we do for sysop elections. We also plan to rotate the 
responsibilities among us and include all who are genuinely interested.


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