It is from my iphone and the problems with rendering needs to be fixed by

Gerard, I will send it to you on a seperate email.


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On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 7:56 AM, Gerard Meijssen

> Hoi,
> Can I have this screen shot and, can I have confirmation that it is from an
> i-phone ? I would also love to see this from an android.
> The big thing about change is that it is you that can make this happen.
> <grin> I started blogging about mobile MediaWiki support and now we have 39
> languages fully supported at last count up from 24.I am still awaiting for a
> Hindi, a Tamil, a Nepali ... complete localisation. I am happy with
> Malayalam and Bengali :)
> Thanks,
>      GerardM
>   On 23 February 2010 08:12, Praveen Prakash <> wrote:
>>   Gerard Meijssen wrote:
>> --
>> <>
>> Hoi,
>> One way of approaching this is by asking our corporate (ie MediaWiki)
>> sponsors and ask them this question. When they indicate that specific models
>> do not work for specific languages, we can find people who can help with the
>> creation of additional characters for fonts. (I know just the man).
>> I just saw a 'screenshot of mobile Malayalam Wikipedia article' sent by
>> Jyothis (from his iphone (?)). Malayalam font rendering support need
>> complete reconstruction.  All  indic  scripts are very similar,  so  same
>> will be the case in other languages (may be, If they were not fixed yet).
>> Few years before all 'computer operating systems' suffered the same problems
>> ;-)[1<>][2],
>> so lets hope that will get fixed soon.
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