Dear Praveen,

Since I'm one of the people involved, let me introduce myself:

I'm an editor at English and Tamil Wikipedias for around 6 years, though recently I'm mainly active in Tamil Wikipedia alone. My username on either wikis is 'Sundar'. I am a bureaucrat in Tamil Wiki and an admin in the English Wiki. My edit contributions are at and Besides these, I wrote a bot for exporting over 1 lakh dictionary entries to Tamil Wiktionary and ran it with the help of Ravishankar. I have also participated in several outreach efforts and volunteered with MediaWiki localisation. I presented a paper at Wikimania 2009. ( )

As for your other concerns, we'll send out a separate email outlining the process. For now, you can check the post by HPN at

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From: Praveen Prakash <>
Sent: Thu, March 11, 2010 3:24:53 PM
Subject: Re: [Wikimediaindia-l] Wikimedia India Chapter

I am very happy and proud to hear that we got a wikimedia indic chapter.

But I wonder why all these activities taken so hidden? We are a community (or a community of communities), we've an active mailing list, but I didn't hear anything about such an active effort (may be i missed). Is there any separate communication medium? Or is this a special chapter for wikimedia English projects?

I recently learned someone as wikimedia indic chapter director from linkedin ( He is also being CEO, Founder, Co-Founder, Director of many other initiatives (Actually I don't have any problem about that).  I am thinking about that election process and members. I am sorry but frankly I don't know any of other guys also. If possible introduce them, and their home wiki. I wish, an informed community about any further steps.

If someone can clarify my thoughts originated from poor knowledge, I'll be more happy.


Hari Prasad Nadig wrote:
Dear all,

As Srikanth has already noticed in an earlier e-mail, the draft
Memoranda of Association for the proposed Wikimedia India Chapter has
been put up on Meta here:

Even as the team working on the current draft has spent the better
part of a year working on it, I am sure that there would be scope for
improvement. Please provide your invaluable comments and suggestions
on the relevant talk page:

However, given the time we have spent on the document, it is important
that we proceed quickly and hence, I suggest that the comments be made
on or before this Saturday, the 13th of March 2010. Let us maintain
the Wiki-etiquette expected out of us during the discussion.

People curious about the earlier and the current efforts at forming
the India chapter may find my blog post on it, a complimenting
read. More on Wikimedia India chapter can be seen on

Let us look forward to a great response in discussing and debating the
MoA of the proposed Wikimedia India chapter.
Hari Prasad Nadig |

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