I haven't received some of the mails on this mailing list and I had to check 
back on the mail server to see those mails - the two mails by Praveen Prakash 
and the reply to one of them from Sundar and two mails from Shiju Alex are the 
ones I can recall quickly. I had to go back to the server as I missed the 
continuity. Does it have to do with some code in the messages? - I could not 
find them even in my bulk/ spam/ trash folders.

Anyway, given that Meta is the coordination project for all Wikimedia projects, 
may I suggest that all the queries be directed at the relevant talkpages on 
Meta? The advantage is that it is easier to search, identify and track through 
history pages and the entire discussion is centralised at one place instead of 
multiple locations like this mailing list, IRC or telephone chats. Another 
advantage is that a user's comments stay there till perpetuity - letting us 
know his/ her perspectives and viewpoints over the years and the evolution 
therein. Hence, I suggest we start discussing the Wikimedia India Chapter at 
either of http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_India/MoA or 
http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Talk:Wikimedia_India. I, for one, would answer 
all the questions put forth to me on that forum.

Thanks for all the support and encouragement.

Srinivas Gunta.
Unified login across all Wikimedia projects: Gurubrahma

P.S. It may not be a bad idea for all of us using the mailing list to give our 
primary wikispace or unified login at the end of each message we send - I 
shd probably make it my signature.

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On Thu, Mar 11, 2010 at 5:06 PM, Shiju Alex <shijualexonl...@gmail.com> wrote:

It will be good if all the other committee members introduce themselves to 
Indic language wiki community. 

Most of the members have user pages on the respective Wikipedias and sister 
projects and their work speaks for themselves. I don't think there is a 
necessity for all committee members to separately introduce themselves here on 
this mailing list unless ofcourse they themselves like to. 

I'm also quite surprised at the constant 'bold' or 'highlight' on words on 
emails exchanged this list. 

Nevertheless, people who've not known me till now, can find more about me at:

More about me is here:

And I also happen to be the moderator of this list. 
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