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> K. Then who is Kiruba Shankar?  What was the election process & criteria?
>> How many people involved in that? Why all these process were hidden? Why
>> even Hindi not informed?
> This is what I'm wondering about too! I think this process should be more
> inclusive and transparent!
> I'm all for a Wikimedia India chapter, but it should be a group of all the
> people who are actually part of the Wikipedia community! It should not be a
> bunch of politicians that want to be face of Wikipedia to the Indian media
> without having made any substantial contributions to Wikipedia.
> Wikimedia India will receive thousands of rupees in donations. We need
> trusted people who are representative of the pan-India Wikipedia community
> to handle it.
> If this is a group of people who are meeting in Bangalore for wining and
> dining, this should be named "Wikimedia Bangalore" chapter, not "Wikipedia
> INDIA" chapter!

*My Few paisas.*

As to my understanding after reading the MoA, there are no special
privileges to founding members apart from not requiring to "apply for
membership".[Authors can clarify if my understanding is not right] I suppose
there would be an election after the formation and only the elected persons
will have additional privileges than a normal member. So in that sense, who
starts it really doesn't matter.

I dont know why people are cribbing its secret / closed group when meta was
up all the while. Did anyone make a point to edit any of the meta pages and
was it left undiscussed / discarded? No one stopped anyone from doing that.

Trust is not measured in terms of edit count.Showing up on the day and
commitment in real world is also required and I guess the people who signed
the MoA did that. I agree with pan-India comment but again elections would
happen I guess and as i already mentioned "founding members" dont get any
extra privileges. Probably some clause can be added to include regional /
linugual EC members.I would add that right away to discussion page.

Sorry i take the wine and dine comment too seriously.
is not about wine and dine. Please go through the pages to see what was
going on the meetings.

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