Hello All

I have compiled the statistical information of the Indian language
Wikipedias for the month of *2010 February*. The report is available at

The data for this report is taken from the statistical analysis of all the
WikiMedia wikis prepared and maintained by Erik Zachte (Website:
http://infodisiac.com/). The statistics is available at

The data for this report is collected on the last day of the month. That is,
the statistical data for the month of 2010 January is collected at 2010
January 31 23:59 PM GMT.
The information of the following Indian language wikipedias is included in
this report.

   - Assamese (http://as.wikipedia.org)
   - Bengali (http://bn.wikipedia.org)
   - Bhojpuri (http://bh.wikipedia.org)
   - Bishnupriya Manipuri (http://bpy.wikipedia.org)
   - Burmese (http://my.wikipedia.org)
   - Gujarathi (http://gu.wikipedia.org)
   - Hindi (http://hi.wikipedia.org)
   - Kannada (http://kn.wikipedia.org)
   - Kashmiri (http://ks.wikipedia.org)
   - Malayalam (http://ml.wikipedia.org)
   - Marathi (http://mr.wikipedia.org)
   - Nepali (http://ne.wikipedia.org)
   - Nepal Bhasha/Newari (http://new.wikipedia.org)
   - Odia (Oriya) (http://or.wikipedia.org)
   - Pali (http://pi.wikipedia.org)
   - Punjabi (http://pa.wikipedia.org)
   - Sanskrit (http://sa.wikipedia.org)
   - Sindhi (http://sd.wikipedia.org)
   - Sinhala (http://si.wikipedia.org)
   - Tamil (http://ta.wikipedia.org)
   - Telugu (http://te.wikipedia.org)
   - Urdu (http://ur.wikipedia.org)

I know that some of the above languages are not spoken in present day India.
Even though my focus is on Indian language wikipedias, I have included all
the languages from Indian Sub continent. One of the main reason is that all
the above languages belong to the same language family (either Aryan or

I have divided the report into two different sections.

1. Statistical report of Wikipedias
2. Localization status of Mediawiki software

Following are the different topics covered under each section.

Wikipedia Statistics
*Article statistics*

   - Number of Articles
   - Number of Edits
   - Break up of edits
   - Edits per article
   - Average size of an article (bytes)
   - Database size (in Mega Bytes)
   - Percentage of articles with size greater than 500 bytes
   - Percentage of articles with size greater than 2000 bytes (2 kilobytes)

*User Statistics*

   - Number of active wikipedians
   - Page views per month (All figures in Lakhs/month)
   - MediaWiki Localization Statistics

Media Wiki Localization status (percentage)

This month onwards I am dividing the languages into 3 groups based on the
number of articles. Following are the groups and the languages that fall
under each group.

Group 1 (More than 10,000 articles)

   - Nepal Bhasha/Newari
   - Hindi
   - Telugu
   - Marathi
   - Bishnupriya Manipuri
   - Tamil
   - Bengali
   - Gujarathi
   - Urdu
   - Malayalam

Group 2 (More than 1,000 articles)

   - Kannada
   - Sanskrit
   - Nepali
   - Burmese
   - Sinhala
   - Pali
   - Bhojpuri
   - Punjabi

Group 3 (Less than 1,000 articles)

   - Odia (Oriya)
   - Kashmiri
   - Sindhi
   - Assamese

See the PDF at
details. You can make your own analysis and conclusions after going
through each topic in the PDF. I may publish my analysis in my blog after
some time.  Last month's analysis is available here

The question for this month is :

Question for 2010 February: *Which is the first Indian language Wikipedia
that has crossed 10,000 articles milestone?*

Support your answer with sufficient references.

Please reply to this mail so that we will have fruitful discussion regrading
this topic.

I hope this initiative will improve the interaction between different Indian
Language Wikipedias and wikipedians. We (Malayalam Wikipedians -
http://ml.wikipedia.org) are maintaining a similar comparison study of the
major Indian Language wikipedias for the past two years. This study has
helped us to understand the status of Malayalam Wikipedia as compared to
other Indian Language Wikipedias. I hope this report will help other Indian
language wikipedias also.

Let me know in case there are any issues.


Shiju Alex
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