I am personally opposed to IRC both on principle and practical considerations. 
On principle, IRC chat is lost to posterity and future arguments cannot be 
resolved - as far as my understanding goes, Meta is and has to be the only 
forum for discussions for the Chapters Committee to take consideration. An 
additional advantage with Meta is that the discussions need not be synchronic, 
thus naturally overcoming the barriers of time and geography. Practically 
speaking, I work from an office computer on which IRC has been disabled and I 
do not have admin privileges. 

@Tinu: Is the discussion in Bangalore meet-up tomorrow going to be with respect 
to WikiMedia India chapter formation? What exactly would be the agenda? It 
would help to have an agenda so that we can all come prepared. As far as I 
understand, the discussion on MoA of the proposed chapter ends EoD Saturday, 
that is today.

Srinivas Gunta.
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Thatz a great idea. Let us talk ! Please try to attend both the IRC chat today 
and Bangalore Meetup tommorrow. 

The primary discussion will be regarding WikiMedia India chapter formation . 
Please maintain the etiquettes of the discussion. 

- Tinu Cherian

On Sat, Mar 13, 2010 at 7:37 AM, Naveen Francis <navee...@gmail.com> wrote:

Can we have a IRC on this topic ?
>Proposed time : Today, 8 pm (March 13, 2010), IST
>Join on : irc://irc.freenode.org/wikimedia-in
>Naveen Francis

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