I am exited to inform you that the advanced toolbar for MediaWiki will
support the characters of the Bengali language[0]. I've sent a list of
characters of Bengali in a natural order to GerardM[1] and he forward the
list to usability team. Today Roan[2] inform us that he has added the
characters set at [3] and staged them at [4]

You can also include character set of your beloved language with some little
effort. Just find or collect a list of the characters in an order the most
people are use to. Email it to usability team. They'll include it to the
software. And I'll be so happy if that kind of toolbar is possible for
Mobile MediaWiki also.

I hope all the Indian languages will take the benefits from the result of
Wikipedia Usability Initiative[5]. I'd like to invite you all to give this
little effort to include characters of your languages at the advance toolbar
for MediaWiki.

Blogs on this issue:
*http://wp.me/pcRF1-3i (Bangla)

Thanks GerardM and the usability team to include Bangla characters at the

Belayet Hossain
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