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Date: Sat, Apr 10, 2010 at 1:52 AM
Subject: [Foundation-l] Living Person Task Force: Phase Two
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Hello, Wikimedians.

This weekend I plan on finalizing the timeline for phase two of the Living
Person Task Force: a community findings recommendation.

What we are interested in is people from all size wikis participating in
discussing common interests and problems on interpersonal and intrapersonal
interaction relating to Wikimedia projects.  This includes statistics
gathering, examination of how projects handle OTRS complaints/issues, image
use, quotation use, and sourcing.  It is very important that we get
participation in these areas, if anything just to received feedback on the
wiki.  I have subpages set up for these discussion on the Strategy site, <

In six to eight weeks we'd like to develop recommendations from the Task
Force that are more in-depth than the proposed recommendations to be passed
by the Board this month, to assist in developing projects identify and set
up structures for the issues that come with societies.

If you have experience dealing with living people on any of our wikis, or if
you have ideas on how policies can be established/improved, please
participate in the discussions so that we can adequately asses the projects
as a whole.

Thanks for your time, see you on the wiki!


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