Hey guys, since we use Twitter a lot to invite users to our meetups in
Bangalore and let the world know what happens on a Real time basis using
Twitter as well.
I just wanted to know if you guys could provide your handles out here.
All of you will be in the list - http://twitter.com/rsrikanth05/wikipedia
Here are a few which I have got. Left is the Wikipedia Username, right is
Arunram - Arunram
PlaneMad - arungraphy
Indianmagicians - philiptiju
Tinucherian - Tinucherian
Rsrikanth05 - rsrikanth05
Sundar - oligoglot
Ravi - tamilravi
Shijualex - shijualexonline
Vaibhavskulkarni - vaibhavsk
Syler.mi4 - Syler_Mi4
Jithesh_E_J - jithesh_e_j
Anoopan - Anoopan
Logicwiki - Logic
GaneshK - Ganeshk
Rameshng - Rameshng
GKJohn - gkjohn
Achitnis - achitnis

That is all for now, please add your names, if I have missed you out

Wear a Lungi, Support the Movement, Uyirin Uyirae
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