I apologize if this is the wrong place to ask, but I tried all of the
Indian Noticeboards on the English Wikipedia.

I am Zachary Harden, but maybe better known as user Zscout370. I am an
administrator for both the English Wikipedia and the Commons. The main work
I do on both sites is to contribute is to flag drawings and information.
Recently, the flag of India article passed a review of its Featured Article

With that flag, there are three documents issued by the Indian Standards
Institute (now the Bureau of Indian Standards) that describes every detail
about the flag. However, I am not inside of India and it feels like not
many people are able to help. I know you can buy the standards online, but
the prices are x10 or more for me because I am an American. Where do yall
suggest I should seek help at?


Zachary Harden

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