It might make sense for you to buy a hard copy! I tried buying it
online but these are their restrictions!

1. For viewing the standards purchased, Plug-in software available in
the HOME page of the portal needs to be downloaded one-time and
installed in your computer. Standards downloaded CANNOT be opened
directly using Acrobat reader.
2. Adobe Acrobat Reader version 8.0 or higher should be installed in
your computer for viewing the standard through the plug-in.
3.After downloading the Standard please log in to the plug-in software
(EBIS STANDARDS Viewer) using the same username and password which you
use to log in to the e-sale portal. Internet connectivity is required
to login to the plug-in software, to refresh the list of Standards
4.It is advisable to store all the standards purchased by you in
single folder of your choice in your computer. Folder path would need
to be defined in the EBIS STANDARDS Viewer once. But if you prefer to
store them in different folders, then the correct folder path would
need to be selected in the plug-in software (EBIS STANDARDS Viewer),
for each folder separately to view the Standard downloaded into that
5. If a standard is downloaded and viewed once on a computer, then
Internet connectivity is not required to view the same standard on
that computer for the second time.
6. All soft copies downloaded will be WATERMARKED with your name and email id.
7. If you change the password in the e-sale portal, kindly connect to
the internet and log in to the plug-in , to get this change reflected
in the plug-in software.
8. After downloading all required standards from the portal, please
click on the List of Standards Purchased button ( at Left Hand Top
corner of Plug-in) . For this, internet connectivity is required.
9. To cater to un-foreseen circumstances, there is a provision in the
portal (My Area), to re-download Softcopies already purchased by you.
This facility will be available for 48 hours from the time of purchase
of soft copy of the standard.
10. For Standards printed in multi-colour, it is suggested that you
purchase printed copy of the Standard (which can be ordered online or
purchased from BIS sales offices). However, if you still wish to
purchase the soft copy of the Standard you may proceed further with
purchase process

Thank you.



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