Hello Wikimedians

As mentioned in my previous mail, here are the details of the new software
that we have developed for creating the Malayalam Wikipedia on CD.

Here is a small contribution from Malayalam Wiki community to the
Wikimedians of all language. Even though we have developed this software for
creating the Malayalam Wikipedia CD now you can use use it to create CD of
any language Wiki.

There is huge effort that went behind the creation of this software and the
CD. I will blog about that once I am back in Bangalore.

Here are the details of the software:

   - Name of the Software: *Wiki2CD *
   - Developed by : Santhosh Thottingal <http://thottingal.in/blog/about/>
   - Software  source: http://github.com/santhoshtr/wiki2cd
   - Documentation: http://wiki.github.com/santhoshtr/wiki2cd/
   - Blog link about this software:

This ia a small step forward. We know that if community effort is involved
this can be developed into a feature rich software with multiple features.

   - Here is the link to Download the Malayalam Wikipedia CD:
   - The online link of Malayalam Wikipedia CD: http://mlwiki.in/mlwikicd/

My special thanks to Santhosh Tottingal and all the Malayalam language

More details about this efforts at a later time.


Shiju Alex
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