Good to see many Indian language scripts added to the logo. :)
And, admittedly on account of them being growth areas for Wikipedia.

- Sundar

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>a new look for  changes to the Wikipedia identity
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>From: Jay Walsh <>
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>>Subject: [Wikimedia Announcements] Along with Vector, a new look for changes 
>>to the Wikipedia identity
>>Hi folks,
>Over the next day or so you'll be seeing some exciting changes to the 
>Wikipedia user interface as Vector rolls out across English Wikipedia.
>In an earlier note on that topic, User Experience team project manager Naoko 
>Komura mentioned another change - one that will bring some small improvements 
>to the Wikipedia identity, namely the Wikipedia puzzle globe and the 
>construction of the Wikipedia wordmark - the word and sentence underneath the 
>puzzle globe.
>The first major change you'll see is a slightly different looking Wikipedia 
>puzzle globe. Over a year ago the Foundation began to recognize the need to 
>have the puzzle globe logo improved slightly - mostly because we had some 
>errors in the type characters featured in the puzzle globe, and also because 
>we needed a better quality version that could print better and at a larger 
>scale.  We also needed to do that without dramatically changing one of the 
>most recognized and beloved logos on the internet.
>It seemed like an opportune moment to take our 2D globe, lovingly created by 
>WP user:Nohat and improved/modified a cast of many other volunteers back in 
>2003, and take it to a truly 3D object.  If we were going to undertake this 
>process, we knew we would first need to populate the 'dark side of the puzzle 
>globe' - and of course we turned to our volunteers to do just that.
>Cary Bass worked with a team of volunteers to begin that process, and to 
>revisit the many suggested and improvised fixes to the globe that have taken 
>place over the years.  Most of that discussion played out on a meta page here:
>The results are fantastic, and now you can see many new languages and scripts 
>represented.  The final state for our puzzle globe is quite similar to the 
>original, fixes some errors, and has replaced the Klingon logo with an Amharic 
>The actual 3D construction of the new mark was carried out by a professional 
>3D animator, art director, and graphic designer, Philip Metschan, who is based 
>in the SF Bay Area.  Through his career Philip has worked for Industrial Light 
>and Magic and Pixar, and currently he's also a visualization and concept 
>artist for the DIRECT program (not surprisingly, it can be learned about on 
>We've created a new page on the Foundation wiki that talks about the revised 
>3D globe as well as the other improvements underway to the wordmark:
>You'll notice that the new variation of the typeface uses Linux Libertine as 
>an alternative to Hoeffler, the original typeface used to create the wordmark. 
> In order to facilitate the creation of so many new variations of the 
>Wikipedia identity it was important to find a viable alternative - Hoeffler is 
>a commercial typeface that not every project would have access to, nor own.  
>Linux Libertine is very close to Hoeffler in its shape and style, and for 
>on-screen viewing is almost identical to Hoeffler.
>The User Experience team also investigated another minor improvement: 
>replacing the italicized "The Free Encyclopedia" with regular typeface.  This 
>ultimately resulted in improved on-screen readability, particularly in 
>non-roman character sets.
>Right now volunteers are working with the new localization guide to create the 
>hundreds of new identities needed for each language variation of Wikipedia.  
>You can see the Commons gallery filling up here:
>If you're interested in supporting this effort you can simply follow the guide 
>referenced on the page, or reach out to the Foundation's volunteer 
>coordinator, Cary Bass, directly,
>It will take some time to create all of the marks, and initially the ops and 
>User Experience team are rolling out the new identity on English Wikipedia and 
>then focussing on other languages as soon as possible.
>>Hopefully the millions of dedicated users of Wikipedia will appreciate this 
>>minor improvement to the Wikipedia identity across all of the project 
>>languages.  This is also a great new tool for chapter and volunteer 
>>representatives around the world - this scalable, crisper version of the new 
>>puzzle globe is easier to work with in a variety of situations, but retains 
>>the character and look of its predecessor. As with any important identity, 
>>I'm certain it will see further evolutions and improvements.  We're open to 
>>hearing your thoughts and views for the next iteration.
>Later today we'll also be posting this news to the Wikimedia blog, alongside 
>updated news about the Vector roll-out, scheduled to unfold over the next 12 
>I'd like to thank again the dozens of volunteers who have worked over the last 
>year+ to navigate the challenge of filling up this now 3D globe with new 
>symbols and marks, and the countless others who have scrutinized the first 
>drafts of the logo to suggest improvements (like proper orientation for 
>characters).  Cary Bass has been instrumental in mapping out all of these 
>minor and major changes along with the volunteers, and the user experience 
>team - particularly Parul, Naoko, Trevor, and Nimish, along with Hannes, 
>should also be recognized for putting so much patience and dedication into 
>this effort.  Thanks as well to Philip Metschan for spending so much time and 
>investing so much effort and detail into the design.
>We also have to recognize the dozens of (and next dozen of) volunteers who 
>will continue to localize the new identity in different languages, as well as 
>the original efforts of user:nohat and those early pioneers who brought this 
>identity to life in 2003.  This enormous and truly unique design effort 
>astounds me, and it's one of the most impressive examples of our collaborative 
>capacity outside of the work of Wikipedia itself.
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